Blend Juice Bar | Cleanse & Wellness
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Juicing is a natural and healthy way to boost the immune system with natural vitamins and minerals while detoxing the body.

WHY IT WORKS: On a juice cleanse that utilizes a wide selection of produce you will get everything that you need protein, carbohydrates, fat, organic salts, vitamins, and minerals are all found in our juice. Our cleanse is a cell rejuvenating, detoxifying, alkalizing, well-balanced, and complete nutritional plan. It is easy to complete by the average person.

Choosing a Cleanse


Explores cleansing and helps to create balance. Produces a gentle and effective total body cleansing.


Reboot cleanse builds on the beginner cleanse, but adds more greens to the regimen for those who want a solid and deeper result-oriented cleanse.


This cleanse is for experienced cleansers only. It’s low calorie and it’s for green juice lovers. The deepest full body cleanse for a total full body renewal.

How it Works.

Step 1

Place your cleanse order in-store, over the phone or through our mobile app. body cleansing.

Step 2

Pick up your freshly pressed juice fresh each day at 320 W. Coleman Blvd. Contact us to schedule your pick up times. (We deliver, too!)

Step 3

Drink, cleanse and enjoy! Remember to stay hydrated with ample amounts of water.

Cleanse Day Schedule

We recommend starting each morning of your cleanse with an 8oz. glass of water. Drink your juices every 2.5 to 3 hours and drink 1-2 glasses of water after each juice.

Drink 1

Pressed over 2.5 lbs. of greens. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients!

Drink 2

This juice contains bromelain with phytonutrients from the core of the pineapple which adds to the natural digestee.

Drink 3

Ginger, lemon and cayenne with 9.5 alkaline water makes this highly alkaline and speeds up metabolism.

Drink 4

A deliciously rich nut milk that replaces a meal and satisfies a sweet tooth. Adds protein and cinnamon to help balance blood sugar.

Drink 5

A detox for your liver and kidneys and nutrious blend that carries you through the day with great energy.

Cleanse Pricing

We strongly advise you to consult your doctor before participating in a juice cleanse.

  • Beginner

    • 1 Day = $50
    • 2 Day = $100
    • 3 Day = $150

  • Intermediate

    • 1 Day = $55
    • 2 Day = $110
    • 3 Day = $165

  • Advanced

    • 1 Day = $60
    • 2 Day = $120
    • 3 Day = $180

All cleanses include five juices made fresh each day. Call or stop by to schedule your daily pick up. *All prices subject to change.

Juice Cleansing Tips

We strongly advise you to consult your doctor before participating in a juice cleanse.


Drink plenty of clean water. We even have high pH Kangen water that you are more than welcome to come by and fill your water bottle for FREE.


REST. For best results take a break from strenuous exercise. The purpose of the cleanse is to get your body back to peak biological shape. The extra calories burned from intense exercise can increase the acidity of the water in the cells of your body, negatively affecting the goal of balanced alkalinity.


Spend some time lying down on your back, your blood pressure will be more consistent throughout your body. By doing this, your heart doesn’t have to fight gravity, normalizing blood pressure throughout the cardiovascular system which produces a natural form of dialysis.


Its a good idea to precleanse by eating fresh fruit, salads, sprouts, nuts, and seeds in the days/weeks leading up to your juice fast. Avoid all processed foods. We recommend an 80% raw diet one week before the juice cleanse.


We recommend going for colonics, massages, sitting in an infrared sauna, going for float sessions, and supplementing your cleanse with enzymes + probiotics.


Ending a cleanse is a crucial aspect of the process. We recommend an 80% raw diet the week after the juice cleanse. Eat easy to digest water-plump fruits and raw salads with leafy greens. Avoid processed foods and dairy products for as long as possible. Reintroducing cooked foods slowly. Add steamed vegetables to a mixed greens salad, eat unprocessed lean chicken.