What You Should Know About Invisible Dog Fences

You will be surprised to learn that dogs are born to wander. Although it is good to know that your dog can suffer from wanderlust, you know that your dog can cause problems if it gets too far. Fortunately, there is a solution for all dogs, and their owners are readily available. Invisible or underground dog fences are well-formulated, and most dog owners find that they are the best solution to prevent your dog from wandering off beyond your homestead.

Reasons You Need a Dog Fence

The truth is that invisible dog fences are not a requirement for most people. However, if your animal is meant to roam, these devices are ideal. Other than keeping your pet safe, they help keep other people safe. Some dogs can frighten or even harm other people.

The good thing about invisible fences is that they help you avoid the need for installing expensive fencing and the associated costs. Usually, the prices look high until you calculate the cost of installing a physical fence. However, unlike a physical fence, it will not keep other unwanted animals and critters out. The advantage is that it is easier to install and cheaper than a regular fence.

How Underground Dog Fences Work

You should note that these invisible dog fences are quite controversial. That is because they use electric shocks to stop the dog from getting past the fenced area. Although they are considered inhumane, they are safe overall. Remember that the charge generated is not direct, as most people think. In fact, it produces minimal pain to the dog.

Difference between In-Ground and Wireless

Wireless fences are considered to be the easiest to use. They have a radio transmitter that allows your dog to roam for a certain radius. The common issue with them is that they are a bit difficult to fine-tune and are not a good option if you want to keep your dog from a specific area such as a pond or vegetable garden.

On the other hand, in-ground fences are difficult to install, but provide a lot of room for customization. For instance, if you have an irregularly shaped yard or want to keep your dog away from a specific area, then this is the ideal solution. Moreover, an underground electric dog fence is more stable if you need super refined boundary. They are also difficult to repair owing to their nature.…