Roller skates are made for various reasons such as fitness, dancing, and ordinary skating. Roller skates come with many different features. And due to this, choosing the right ones can be a bit overwhelming. Before you buy a pair of roller skates, consider the reason you need them for. Do you want to use them for dancing, stunts, or just normal skating? The type of roller skates you need lies in your answer to this question. In case you still don’t know the kind of roller skates that could be suitable for you, this article is for you. You may also check out 10masters for some useful insight on the best roller skaters. 

Here are some tips on choosing roller skaters:


wheels of roller skates If you are on a quest to find the best roller skaters, deciding on the wheels you want is a great place to start. There are two variations, soft wheels, and hard wheels. A durometer is used to determine the hardness of a roller skaters wheel. The scale starts from 0 going up to 100. Hard wheels are close to a 100, while soft when they are closer to 0. If you want wheels that will last long, then hard wheels are the ideal choice. But if you’re going to have wheels that will absorb shock extremely well, go for roller skaters with soft wheels.


You might not know this, but when it comes to roller skates, bearings matter tremendously. Bearings with a high rating tend to perform much better. But for basic skating, they shouldn’t be a concern.


When choosing skates, don’t go for the same size as your shoe. Always go for roller skates that are one unit bigger than your shoe. If they are too tight, they will hurt your feet. And if they are oversize, you’ll struggle using them. Just ensure that your toes are barely touching your roller skate’s nose.

Trucks and plates

There are plates and trucks underneath of roller skates. The vehicles are usually made from aluminum, while the plates are made from nylon. Trucks will make them feel heavy, but they’ll also be stronger. When it comes to quad skates, you’ll find that the underneath surface is finished with cushions. They offer great flexibility because you can replace this material to suit your preference.  

If you’ve read this guide carefully, choosing roller skates should no longer be challenging. As soon as you walk into the sports store, you’ll know what to look for.