Cigar Traits That Hobbyists Are Looking For

Most individuals who do not smoke will never understand why some people are crazy about cigars. With the unending health issues being correlated with tobacco use, it is truly perplexing why cigar smoking is still a fad among its enthusiasts. Is it because it has become a hobby? Or is it an addiction?

Every cigar smoker has his own reasons why he loves cigars. But one thing is clear. All those who smoke cigars feel there is something special when they smoke cigars. Maybe it has something to do with the relaxing effect of cigars that can soothe a stressed mind and body. But why cigar when they can find relaxation somewhere else like having a massage or going to a spa?

It is essential that you like the taste and everything about a cigar before loving it. There are many brands of cigars out there, and one smoker has his own preference. In, where the top 25 best cigars are listed, you will notice that those cigars that made it to the list have their own stories to tell. Unlike standard cigarettes, cigars are products of passion and artistry.

Cigar hobbyists usually choose their brand according to the taste. The sense of smell and taste may be too close to draw a line when it comes to cigars. It might be more confusing to describe each cigar’s flavor as every individual has his own taste buds and olfactory nerves. 

But other than the flavor, a cigar brand is chosen over the rest according to the following.


One major difference between cigarettes and cigars is their combustibility. Cigarettes can be consumed in a matter of a few minutes, while a quality cigar may last for over two hours. A cigar that can last longer is preferred as it can fully satisfy one’s craving.


The texture of an excellent cigar should be uniform throughout its length and should not easily vary when exposed to air, unlike standard cigarettes. The well-rolled leaves that were scrapped of veins are placed concentrically to come up with a well-defined texture. 


The smoke’s fragrance is one quality of cigars that is never discounted when choosing a cigar brand. The scent may be the result of the combination of tobacco and some essential oil. 


Some cigar smokers can be swayed by the color of a cigar stick, which usually ranges from dark rustic brown to light brown. The packaging can also be a factor. Some brands can come with sleek metal packs that enhance the overall appeal of a cigar. Other hobbyists may also prefer slimmer and longer brands.


The ratio of nicotine and essential oils is one factor that is important to look at, especially if you want to enjoy cigar smoking with having to get all its harmful effects. You can go for cigars with less nicotine concentration.